our roots

Vitality Rising is a wellness program that promotes extraordinary health through nutrition education, guidance and resources. We are also trailblazers. It was only after we broke away from doing the same thing, the same way, as everyone else that we began to produce sustainable results. That’s why we don’t talk about quick fixes to get skinny. We talk about getting healthy, and we’re in it for the long haul.

The program was created in partnership between Andrea Grandson and Kat Burns, one a nutritional therapist, the other a seasoned veteran of crash diets who has grown increasingly discouraged by a diet industry that over-promised and under-delivered. Through their collaboration, they identified the deficiencies and misinformation in traditional diet programs that were setting participants up to fail.

Vitality Rising was developed to bridge those shortcomings, and it began by taking the attention off getting skinny and focusing on getting healthy. By focusing on health, weight loss becomes bi-product and more importantly it becomes sustainable. Vitality Rising is committed to empowering participants with nutritional knowledge to make informed decisions that produce lasting results!