Why it's impossible to lose weight,
and it's not your fault.


Why does it seem impossible to lose weight?

I've been plagued with this thought for probably as long as I've known that I was fat. And since I'm still not at a BMI that is considered "HEALTHY" by societal standards, it would be fair to assume that this question STILL plagues me, although you would actually be mistaken.

See, I made some discoveries in recent years that have flipped me on my ass completely when it comes to health and wellbeing. I now know that it's NOT my fault that I am still overweight, and I've found the keys to reverse the damage. Now, before I go any further I do want to say that this post is not my "get out of jail" card by any means, because I am 100% responsible for the status of my health at this very moment, but it wasn't always that way.

Up until 3 years ago, I was trapped in a 250lb body with no light at the end of the tunnel, and I thought I had tried EVERYTHING to get skinny. And when I say everything, I mean everything shy of going under the knife and stapling my stomach to half it's size or sucking the fat out of me with a fancy vacuum cleaner. 

 Me at a holiday party & stepping on the scale in January 2015.

Me at a holiday party & stepping on the scale in January 2015.

I did all the diets; Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Lemonade, Cabbage Soup, Skinny Bitch, the 5 small meals a day, vegetarian, pescatarian, Whole 30, you name it, I've tried it. Then we have the workouts; 3hrs of exercise a day, crossfit, running, weight lifting, cycling, swimming, and the like. And let's not forget the shakes, the protein bar supplements and the magic pills like Zenadrine & Garcinia Cambogia that made my heart race faster than a rocket launcher. Yet I still found myself topping the scale at 250lbs and my self esteem was in the toilet. Are you starting to see the picture of what it was like to be me? 

Of course, I was fighting this battle completely under wraps and alone, masking my struggle with humor amongst my friends and surviving several experiences full of unworthiness and desperation, in all areas of life including work, dating and family. I was a legitimate failure, and felt completely out of options.


It wasn't until I struck up an unlikely conversation with my new acquaintance Andrea, a Holistic Nutritional Therapist whom had recently relocated from London, where I first heard the words "it's not your fault”. Now those words REALLY caught me off guard, and at first of course I didn’t believe her. Up until this point it was ONLY my fault and my fault alone. I thought I had learned everything about dieting but just didn't have the willpower to lose weight. And a lot of the methods I had tried seemingly worked for short stints, but were NEVER sustainable. My pattern was to lose 10 or 15lbs in the first month and think I was a rockstar, but then eventually I’d slip up after a night out and end up gaining back like 20lbs. OR, I’d desperately try to KEEP up with the daily 3 hour work outs to maintain the weight loss, and then I’d inevitably "fall off the wagon”, which of course induced that immediate feeling of failure and I would end up right back where I started. It was a never-ending exhaustive cycle that kept me defeated and miserable. 

But this time, along with "it's not your fault" came a reason that provided the smallest bit of relief, and it was so simple and actually made sense. 

"You are what you eat, literally.” she said.

Now just think about that for a second. Think about the difference between picking an apple off a tree vs. unwrapping a granola bar. Think about where and how that apple was grown, vs. how that granola bar was assembled. Was it made in a lab, or a factory that processes several other types of food? Was it sprayed with chemicals to enhance growth or pesticides to keep out insect infestations? Was it grown in an organic environment, full of nutrient rich soil? Was it sweetened by artificial sugars, and assembled with genetically modified ingredients? Do you actually know the answer to any of these questions? 

The truth is, 99% of us out there struggling with weight loss actually don't know any of these answers, let alone consider them when we look at the counter and see an apple and a granola bar side by side. Instead, we instinctively consider what we think will taste the best, or what we're craving or in the mood for, what will give us a boost if we're tired or what will tie us over until our next meal. We rarely even CONSIDER the concept "you are what you eat, literally" in making our daily food choices. 

And that's why it's not our fault. 

Now you may think, well that's just too overwhelming to try and figure out where every bit of food I eat comes from, and you would be absolutely right. We could spend every waking minute of our day trying to track down the sources of our food, and it would be an exhaustive process with very little enjoyment, and also be completely impractical in this modern day and age.

But, if instead we began to educate ourselves on the HOW and WHY of what happens in our bodies when we eat food, we could actually start to see that tiny light at the end of the tunnel on a real level. Obesity is a byproduct of several broken systems that are FAR bigger than our overweight shoulders can bare, and the only way we will EVER find peace of mind in this area is if we demand to take our POWER back!

So, since that initial conversation almost 3 years ago, there has been a significant shift in not only my wellbeing, but my overall quality of life, and how I LIVE my life. I went on to have hundreds of more conversations with Andrea just like that first one, unlocking key after key about why I’ve failed at losing weight all these years. I asked countless questions, watched TONS of videos from Andrea’s colleagues and FINALLY began to discover that freedom I’d been longing for my ENTIRE life around my body image, weight and value that had been missing the entire time!

 Andrea & I in January 2018.

Andrea & I in January 2018.

And after all of this deliberation, almost 50lbs shed from my body and a COMPLETELY new outlook on food, weight loss and health, Andrea and I have partnered with the intention of sharing all that I’ve learned with EVERY SINGLE PERSON we can who is LONGING for that same freedom I so badly desired. We have spent countless hours finessing a program that speaks to the REAL ISSUES behind what’s stopping us from being healthy, without all that mumbo jumbo jargon that’s difficult to understand, with the byproduct being WEIGHT LOSS and WELLBEING.

It’s with great privilege that we present to you our flagship program, WEIGHT LOSS LITERACY. In this program, we've literally cut through "the fat" that the diet industry spews at us every day and gets to the bottom of why we're stuck being overweight and sick. I know this program works, because I'm living proof that it's possible to have peace of mind and freedom in the world of wellbeing, and I will continue to walk the journey so it works for you as well. 




  • A LIVE weekly call with Kat & Andrea addressing the following topics:
    • Detoxification: Taking Out the Trash
    • Sugar Burning vs. Fat Burning: An Introduction to Intermittent Fasting
    • Food & Your Mood: How Our Brain Chemistry Affects Food Choices
    • Digestion: The Gateway to Health
    • Hormones: The Keys to Hinder or Enhance Weight Loss
  • Weekly office hours availability for one-on-one personal coaching with Kat & Andrea



  • A private online Wellbeing Workbook to track your progress throughout the course
  • A personalized Toxicity Assessment for you to see your before and after results
  • Access to the private program Facebook group 
  • Exclusive video content created for the program
  • Program documents including a shopping guide, sugar cheat sheet & bonus recipes
  •  Individualized support through every step of the way & continued support upon completion of the program
  • A newfound relationship with how food processes in your body so you can make informed decisions that are sustainable for a lifetime. 
  • Freedom, power, and peace of mind

The keys to health are right at your finger tips, and it's time for you to reach out and grab them.
Are you ready to take the first step in your wellness transformation?


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