Welcome to Weight Loss Literacy!

Hey Emily!

Thank you so much for joining us to talk about our program Weight Loss Literacy, which covers all aspects of health and wellbeing.

This is your opportunity to press the reset button on your diet and lifestyle and learn what works and more importantly what doesn’t work for you and your body.

It’s also a chance to get your questions answered and learn the science and the “why” of what’s happening in your body.

A core part of the program is based around removing trigger foods, digestive health, and addressing the hormones that influence hunger, cravings and weight gain.

We will also look at the role of stress hormones and creating an environment that supports our goals.

As mentioned on the call, we view weight loss as a by-product of a body in balance. When we add the right ingredients (nutrients), remove inflammatory triggers, and support the digestive process, we set our metabolism up to win.

To quickly recap:

The program starts October 1st, our First Live call will be Monday, October 1st, 3-4pm PST.

The program will require a minimum of 1 hour per week, whereby we request that you join us on a call or listen to the recording which will be uploaded into your portal within an hour of the call ending.

You will also have access to a Private FB Group where we would love you to share your wins, breakthroughs, and non-scale victories.

This is also a place for you to reach out to the group and get support.


A big thing that we ask is that you “show up” this is your program, the more you put in the more you get out. No question is too big or too small, anything you share is held within the confidence of the group; you never know when your question might be the answer to someone else’s concern.

That said you don’t have to share everything – you will have a personal wellbeing workbook that will only be viewed by us. This will be where you track everything from your food, mood, and poop!

Next Steps

1. Click here to register and recive your login and password

2. Read, Sign and return the Nutritional Consent Disclaimer 

3. View the Shopping List and Carry Out a Pantry Audit so that you 

4. Join the FB Group and introduce yourself by answering the following:

  • Where are you from
  • What do you hope to get from the program
  • My last meal on earth

Finally, six weeks goes by super-fast so be sure to jump right in and “use”us.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via email: team@vitalityrising.com.

Kat and Andrea



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