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Vitality Rising was founded in 2015 in an unlikely partnership between Andrea Grandson, a holistic nutritional therapist with 10+ years experience, and Kat Burns, an average woman who'd struggled with her weight and dieting since she was old enough to know what the word meant. When the two met, they soon realized they had something to offer one another.

Coming from London only 6 months prior to their meeting, Andrea found herself having to adjust to a different culture, with a very different diet and lifestyle than she was used to back in the UK. "Something that really struck me” Andrea says "was seeing a billboard that said '1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry' which came as quite a shock because I know that obesity is a major concern in this country”. It wasn’t until she met Kat, that she was able to see the real issues that Americans were dealing with when it came to weight loss.

And Kat couldn’t have a more different story. Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, she always found herself 20lbs overweight and climbing. To combat that, she tried diet after diet, every fad and trend, and still couldn’t find success. “I felt like I was in an endless cycle of disappointment.” she admits. "It was either too hard, or I’d give up, or I’d see SOME results then think I could ‘cheat', and would end up sabotaging myself because I’d thought I’d failed.” It wasn’t until meeting Andrea she finally started to find some freedom, and sustainable results with her weight loss.

Fast forward a couple years, and the duo have not only transformed Kat’s health, but are now building programs that streamline delivery of the knowledge they’ve shared, focusing on WHY it’s important to know what is happening in our bodies when we process food, with the byproduct being weight loss. “I'm in this because I know what it’s like to struggle,” says Kat, "and Andrea is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to holistic nutrition.”

Together they've spent the last 2 years experimenting with different methods to ensure sustainable wellbeing, and are now ready to share it with a large audience. “We’ve been in hibernation as we work out the kinks,” Andrea shares, "and 2018 is the year we really want to be out with the community, and we’re ready to launch this


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