Our program

We’ve spent 2 YEARS finessing our program and we know that it works. Kat has successfully lost almost 50lbs (and counting) using this system we’ve designed, and has total freedom and satisfaction with the way she eats. What’s special about our program is that she’s walking the journey right beside you, and has listened to countless hours of me (Andrea) speaking to her about the science behind what is happening in her body. We’ve tried many different approaches, and this system covers all the bases, so you, just like Kat, can have total freedom in the way you view food, and in turn lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Our bodies are a perfectly designed system, each piece having it’s own unique functionality that contributes to making things work. The problem is, on a day to day basis we are constantly confronted by toxins that mess with the system, and the body goes into overdrive trying to bring it back to that perfect state. The food we put in our bodies is a main factor in this, and if we learn and understand WHY our bodies function better when certain foods are consumed, we can start to bring our systems back to optimal performance. 

Do you have constant hip pain? Difficulty falling asleep at night? Terrible cravings for chocolate after a meal? We will get to the bottom of it. Our program is designed to not only educate you on what’s happening in your bodies, but we take a personal dive into your individual profile. This gives you the opportunity to ask those private questions relating to your health specifically, and we will coach you through those issues. Our main objective is to give you access to freedom from those aches, pains, and prior failures in weight loss, forever!