Our program

It's not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. But first, we have to clean the slate. That’s why we affectionately call the first 4-weeks of our 6-week program, Taking out the Trash. Not only do we clear out the fridge and pantry, we clear out the buildup of toxins from the body, and replace them with healthy foods and nutrients. 

The body is a perfect system. However, the efficiency of that system is affected by our food choices. Not surprisingly, sugar is one of the most disruptive ingredients in our diets. That’s why we begin the program with a 30-day sugar cleanse. The cleanse is an exciting opportunity to feel the shift in mind and body, as a result of burning clean energy.

The program also offers weekly self assessments that allow you to track your progress a series of at-home nutrition tests that provide a baseline and personalized health assessment. With particular attention on the health of the digestive system, participants discover their personal relationship with food to guide their selections.