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Uncategorized Aug 30, 2018

And feeling flabby, foggy & fatigued?

Let's start with a look at our hormones... because this is where it all begins.

Estrogen, sometimes known as the feminizing hormone, makes our hips expand and our chest enlarge...

However, we can have too much of a good thing... it's called estrogen dominance! 

Next, we need to look at our liver function...

The liver breaks down our hormones which start out active, then once they have been “used” to carry out various bodily functions they need to become inactive.

If not, they remain ACTIVE…. and need to stored away from our vital organs, i.e., breasts, stomach and hips… in ever-increasing amounts!

This is why many people find it difficult to lose weight in these areas - we cannot allow these ticking time bombs (active hormones) back into our system.

If we don’t get rid of these “used” hormones the body creates fat stores to house them! and since they are still active, they grow, meaning they create more fat cells...

Yep, you read that right, fat cells act like hormones, and they can grow!

What causes hormonal imbalances?

Diet, particularly sugar as it overstimulates insulin, AKA the fat storing hormone…

Plus, our western diet is rich with foods that mimic estrogen….

We (men included) are consuming estrogen-like compounds that mimic and mess with the natural estrogen produced in our body… this messes with our other sex hormones.

For men, this can mean reduced testosterone, and man boobs…

However, the biggest cause of hormonal imbalances for women is synthetic birth control…

Then diet:

  • Essential Fatty Acids: help create our hormones, so be sure to eat healthy fats... oily fish, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, nuts, and seeds.  
  • Excess sugar can mess with the hormone insulin, mess with one hormone, and you mess with the whole organization - known as the endocrine system
  • Eggs from chickens fed on antibiotics, hormones and genetically changed grains
  • Meat from animals fed on antibiotics, hormones & GMO grains
  • Vegetarian “food” alternatives made from soy & tofu - AKA plant estrogen
  • Water from plastic bottles–plastic is one molecule away from estrogen, so it can mimic natural estrogen.
  • Vitamin deficiencies: We get nutrients from plants. The plants get their nutrients from the soil... thanks to modern farming a typical apple may contain only 20 percent of the vitamin C it should contain, and many oranges contain no vitamin C at all.
  • Genetically modified food. This should be obvious, genetically changed food messes with our genetics.
  • Chemical exposure: recall the liver acts like a filter, if it becomes overloaded it can’t disband your hormones.

Which brings us to personal care items:

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth…

When you eat something the liver and digestive system go to work cleaning, sorting and detoxifying… they get rid of what’s not needed via our stools, urine, and sweat…

When you put something on your skin, it moves straight into your bloodstream.

Cleaning up our diet is just one way to cut down the lethal load on our body, however, we still need to consider our personal care items.

The Environmental Working Group has an App that allows you to scan a product, review its rating and pick a better choice, if need be. You can also search their database for personal care items.

For example: You want to avoid aluminum in your deodorant, we need to sweat toxins out, not keep them blocked in!

We don't need fluoride (inhibits the thyroid) in our toothpaste, and our shampoo should be free of parabens and sulphites.

And don’t forget tattoo ink which goes more than skin deep, evidence shows it can leave tiny particles of ink that block lymph nodes.

Gut Health

Research shows that some people have lost weight just by changing their gut ecology! 

We are host to trillions of bacteria known as the microbiome… that control the way we handle sugar…

Our microbiome can react negatively to certain foods… your blood sugar couldbe fine with ice cream, but go dangerously high with rice, or bread, or pasta… or none of the above.

If you’re wondering why some days you feel super bloated and other days, you don’t… keep a food diary and track your symptoms to find out which foods trigger an attack.

Ideally get a stool testwhich will determine which microorganisms are out of harmony so you can get the CORRECT probiotic.

The wrong probiotic is like adding gasoline on a flame… since you’ve no idea who you’ve got on board until you take a stool test.

The right strain of probiotic is therefore crucial if you want to address the cause.

Once you’ve got your house in order, and you know the trigger foods to avoid, the battle with weight loss, brain fog and fatigue could be a distant memory!

Remember, when blood sugar is high, insulin is high… hence probiotics are now being offered to help manage diabetes…

This may also explain why type 2 diabetics are often overweight… unruly bacteria demand food, and can create the most unstoppable cravings for sweet and sugary foods… 

Which can lead to dopamine depletion… which can lead to depression… which can lead to comfort eating and an endless cycle of weight gain, brain fog and fatigue! 

Nutrition 101

One man’s meat is another man’s poison…

Fruits and vegetables contain natural defense mechanisms known as lectins, phytic acid and phytoalexin to ward off predators…

Like any other living thing, plants want to survive for as long as possible, and these anti-nutrients cause inflammatory responses that can wreak havoc with your digestion.

This mainly happens when our gut health is compromised, and we don't have enough digestive enzymes, bile, or gastric juices... however it's important to be aware of these natural mechanisms. 

Soak beans and lentils for at least 24 hours,and throw away the water… if nuts, beans or lentils give you tummy trouble, this could be your answer.

Other “healthy” foods to be mindful of include peanuts, corn, quinoa, and nightshades.

Ditch the sugar...

Long-term use of sugar reduces dopamine… the happy hormone… overtime this can lead to you needing increasing doses to reach that happy place!

Chose healthy habits over dieting… you can’t go back to your obesogenic diet if you want to see lasting change.


  • Don't mess with your hormones - use natural birth control.
  • Eat organic pasture raised eggs, milk and meat - meaning the animal ate grass not genetically modified grains!
  • Drink from glass bottles: Plastic products release estrogenic chemicals (including those that are BPA free).
  • Avoid processed food: hint, labels don't come on natural foods. 
  • Support your liver - alcohol free days, lemon juice on rising, apple cider vinegar, these all work to support your liver pathways.
  • Respect your microbiome:  it controls the way your body handles sugar.
  • Lab testing- stool tests, and blood tests take out the guesswork.

In closing:

The body is always talking to you, so pay attention!

Don’t try to self-diagnose, doctor Google can often lead to overwhelm so get help if you have a concern.

Lastly, eat like your health depends on it... if you don’t know where to start talk to us!

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