A Yummy Alternative To Sweets: Raw Cacao Truffles


So about a month ago, I did an online search for some alternative treats to the traditional Valentine's Day candy. Since giving up all processed sugar and almost everything that metabolizes into sugar at the start of 2017, I found that I haven't missed sugar as much as I thought I would, except in those moments when I feel surrounded by it. Knowing that Valentine's was a sweet-driven holiday, I really felt compelled to find something that would taste like chocolate, without the added sugar.

Because I'm still new to all of this, I had to ask Andrea what her best recommendations would you be considering I knew I just couldn't grab a bag full of chocolate morsels and throw 'em down the hatch...and she recommended I look up recipes that have cacao in them. 

Now cacao is different than cocoa because even though they start out from the same bean, cacao is minimally processed which allows it to keep all the anti-oxidants and minerals that are SUPER good for you. Cocoa however, is heated at higher temperatures, wherein it winds up being sweeter, and degrades the quality of the nutrients. Interesting how a slight modification like that can make such a big difference, but anyway...

So, my search for cacao recipes that were sugar, dairy, wheat, grain, and legume-free began. Clearly though, this was proving to be quite difficult considering my natural sugar intake was SUPER low at this point. Since the beginning of this journey, I've been working to cleanse my body of candida overgrowth, and have limited my sugar intake to berries, green apples, veggies and the occasional sweet potato, so you can imagine my struggle to find a recipe that could support these kinds of restrictions.

Well, as I searched, I stumbled upon this recipe on onegreenplanet.org for Raw Cacao Truffles, using only 6 pitted dates and a half a cup of raisins as the sweetener. Now although I wasn't NORMALLY eating dates because they are rather high on the natural sugar spectrum, I decided to grant myself a little space here to enjoy a Valentine's treat, because after all, this is about making a sustainable lifestyle change, not depriving myself delicious tastes for a year then jumping back into old habits.

So, I gave the recipe to my boyfriend and asked him to whip them up for a Valentine's treat, and to be honest, at first I was SHOCKED by how sweet they were when they hit my tongue! It was instantly clear to me that my tastebuds had adjusted since I stopped eating all sweeteners, because it was like tasting something sweet for the first time! The best part is, the ingredients were all raw, full of nutrients, full of fat, and super delicious no-guilt brain food!

Today I came back to visit my boyfriend in Michigan, and he had whipped up a batch of these delicious treats, much to my surprise. Not a bad guy, eh? This time, he bought some organic dried coconut flakes so I spent a little this afternoon rolling them out before putting them in the fridge to snack on. A very simple, super easy to make, guilt-free treat if you ever want to indulge that sweet tooth! Check out the recipe below! Cheers y'all.  - Kat


2 cups raw almonds
3/4 cup raw cacao powder
6 dates, pitted
1/2 cup organic raisins
1 tbsp coconut oil
pinch of Himalayan salt
3-5 tbsp cold water
1 cup shredded, dried organic unsweetened coconut flakes (optional)

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