How to Be an Entrepreneur of Your Health: 5 Qualities for Success


While entrepreneurship and health may mean different thing to different people, there are common characteristics that apply to the achievement of both. So, while you may not be inclined to start a risky business, you can apply these five common skills of successful entrepreneurs to start-up your health!

    Before entrepreneurs can begin leading a team of employees, they must learn to lead themselves. This begins by creating an inspiring vision of the future. Then managing the process to deliver on that vision. What is your image of optimal health? This may be a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise, achieving work life balance, and feeling good about yourself and others. Create the vision that inspires you! Then create a schedule to fulfill on that vision. This could be setting aside 2 hours every Sunday to shop for fresh produce, taking Zumba class every Tuesday and Thursday, and writing for 15 minutes each morning in a gratitude journal. The sky's the limit. Find what's right for you and lead the way.
    Thinking about something and making it happen are two profoundly different things. Taking action is one of the most important entrepreneurial characteristics. Just as you can't take charge of your nutrition while relying on fast food or finish a marathon without starting a race, the success of your health requires being an initiator. Here's a tip: think of three activities relating to a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy spirit. Next, take at least one of those actions TODAY. This could be a long walk, five minutes of meditation or cooking a delicious meal full of fresh vegetables. The point is to make the thought a reality. 
    Operating a business involves important duties and decision-making. Yet, it also means being blamed or credited for the wins and losses. The stakes are highest for the entrepreneur. Still, they embrace the challenge. Similarly, you have the highest stake in your health. You must channel your inner entrepreneur and be responsible for your actions (or inactions), your decision and your success. No more blaming your circumstances! (Utilize your vision from No. 2 as a strategy, and continue to be accountable to your goals.) This isn't about having a good week, or month or even year; it's about creating a lifestyle. Like a business, you want it to stand the test of time. Yes, you will have setbacks, but be bold enough to stay accountable - take action again and again despite the obstacles.
    Entrepreneurs know they can't do it all on their own; that's why they gather the resources necessary to turn possibility into reality. You don't have to go at it alone, either. The key to this exercise is having the mindset to see opportunity everywhere. What resources could help you achieve your vision of optimal health? Sharing your goals with people who will keep you accountable is a great place to start. Could you benefit from a meetup group? a running club, a meditation class, a nutritionist, or a life coach? If your dilemma is lack of time, there are plenty of resources for that too. Start by looking at your calendar for pockets of availability (this might surprise you). However, if you're still facing time scarcity, consider some of these time-saving options: online coaching and exercise classes, a meal-kit delivery membership, housecleaning services, childcare, telecommuting, or cutting back on tv viewing. This only begins to scratch the surface. Do you notice that you are starting to run out of excuses? I hope so.
    No successful entrepreneur fails to mention this essential ingredient to their success. It is the fuel and stamina driving their actions, and is particularly valuable in overcoming challenges when they arise. So, what does it mean to be passionate? It means being connected to your challenge and engaged. You already have the recipe for success. Your connection and engagement is your Vision, your Actions, being Accountable, and setting yourself up for success by being Resourceful. The key to Passion is repetition, and remaining focused regardless of the obstacles. This is the struggle that the entrepreneur is willing to battle, and you can too! After all, the reward is your most valuable asset, your health.  
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